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The trick to get your cash without getting ATM fees.

ATM machines are convenient, but can also be smiling back at you when hitting you with a fee for this convenience to get access to your cash.

Here's the trick to getting your cash without a fee: Choose cash back at the store checkout!

Seriously, go into your local, favorite grocery store or gas station - grab a pack of gum ... drink ... or whatever you are craving at the moment - and when paying with your card opt for cash back at checkout.

Cash back when checking out typically there aren't fees associated with cash back at stores.

Try it out!

If you've got another nifty cash withdrawal trick - put it in the comments below 👇 ... let your community in on news ways to build up money skills ☺️

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1 Comment

Aug 04, 2022

I send my friends money over Venmo and they give me cash they earned as tips during work :)

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