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What Do Frankfurters, Ice Cream, Margarine, and Frozen Pastries All Have In Common?

They are all on the Top Ten List for items on the grocery list that have hit the highest price increases because of inflation!

If you're wondering why the grocery receipt is reading a tad (or maybe pretty big) higher these last few months, it is predominantly because most of our most basic ingredients for our beloved food products are suffering some shortages, increase in logistical costs, etc.

Next time you're at the store and wondering what is sitting in the basket that is putting the dent into your monthly grocery budget, check out this list:

Top Ten List For Highest Price Increases On Grocer Items Since May 2022:

  • Margarine: 6.8% Increase in Price

  • Flour: 5.3% Increase in Price

  • Butter: 4.8% Increase in Price

  • Frankfurters: 4.5% % Increase in Price

  • Ice Cream: 4.0% Increase in Price

  • Fresh Biscuits, rolls, muffins: 3.5% Increase in Price

  • Salad Dressings: 3.3% Increase in Price

  • Prepared Salads: 3.2% Increase in Price

  • Fresh cakes and cupcakes: 2.9% Increase in Price

  • Frozen and refrigerated bakery products, pies, tarts, turnovers: 2.9% Increase in Price

I am personally pretty bummed to see so many sweet-related ingredients out number the savory on this list. Limit my frankfurters and salads, I think I can contain my tears. But, my inner Marie Antoinette is struggling here. What's a girl to do without her sugar rush. Time to adjust the some money spending behaviors! I think I'll comprise on decreasing my spending on my ESPN subscription to keep the crepes and muffins rolling in :)

Curious - if you had to keep one item on this list ... like no sacrifice ... it is a ride-or-die grocery item, which would it be and why! Post your answer in the comments below :)

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