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We believe anything is possible, no matter where or when you begin.

An app that brings more so you can do more.


The hausmoney mobile app helps you see your money from a new lens, both from your current state of finances to where things can be financially thriving looking ahead.   

Bring It All In So You Can See It All.

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Built to capture the full spectrum of your money activities across your various accounts. 

The hausmoney app connects securely and easily with hundreds of financial institutions to help you gain full visibility into all of your money.  


Flourish with a new way to Stash

No matter how small or big the stash you need to set aside, the hausmoney ™ app helps you crush them all!


A simple, no-brainer way to stash your money into what is important to you.  Save for a friends birthday… a trip to Bali… or a downpayment on your next car… the stash’s are limitless.  

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